How To Keep Your Child From Losing Your Phone?

Recent research shows that children spend about four hours a day using modern technologies. This situation occurs for several reasons. The media and various industries are creating content that will attract more and more users to keep them.

However, children often lose their smartphones despite so much interest. All children sometimes behave unacceptably, irresponsibly, spoiled and unpredictable.

Your task is to guide them to the desired behavior and help them during development. People who take care of children should expand their repertoire of techniques to encourage desired behaviors.

One of the most popular methods is to monitor the child’s activities via a smartphone app. It’s also a great way to prevent your child’s phone from disappearing. You can read more about it below.

Child’s phone


Buying your child’s first mobile phone is an important milestone. The telephone can serve not only for the safety of the child, but also to teach the child about responsibilities.

While durability and affordable price are the most important items that people pay attention to when thinking about a purchase like this, here are a few factors that are also important to consider before investing in a child’s first cell phone.

Anyone who gives a device to a child should actively use parental supervision. From addictive games to inappropriate social applications, there are certain things that children should not see and use while online.

Save yourself time and effort and find a phone where you can easily set and set your own rules and restrictions. The fact is that children often lose their mobile phones and leave them unattended. That is why it is natural to take care that their personal data and orders do not fall into the wrong hands. But what if their data is always protected? Entering passwords is a thing of the past, use tracking apps instead.

Device security


To help your child take good care of their device, you can buy him or her a phone case like keebos to wear around his neck or as a purse. Equally useful is to buy phone necklace for elderly since they can also forget their phone.

It happens that children at school accidentally change their smartphones or someone steals them. That is why children’s lockers in schools or some other accessible places that are easy to remember are useful. Don’t forget to put a password on the device. Since the child is surrounded by a large number of peers at school, someone else can very easily use his phone without permission.

They often exchange telephones and leave them in various places. This leads to confusion and accidental replacement of the device. However, if the child uses a password, he will always get his smartphone. Another useful option is a personalized mask.

Today, there are a large number of cases for smartphones, as well as the possibility of personalizing products. For example, have your shared photo or a photo of your pet on the back of your phone. It could also be his favorite cartoon, movie or band.

Reason for losing the phone

Don’t get mad at your child right away. Instead, try to figure out what causes the loss. If a child has lost the device several times, it is probably not yet mature enough to understand the value of the phone. Talk to him about it, because maybe he doesn’t consider this device his property.

This is typical behavior for very young children. For example, if they don’t use a lot of smartphones at home, they will most likely forget to own one. So make sure your child consciously owns the device and is aware of the consequences of the loss. When a child is older, it is exclusively a matter of carelessness.

Although adolescents do not go anywhere without their smartphone, they are also very forgetful and distracted. The cause can be love problems, insomnia, school assignments or something else.

Unfortunately, some children go through the condemnation of their peers if they have a cheaper phone model, which also affects their connection to the device.

Children also know how to be very cruel with their jokes, so they take someone’s phone from the game while the other party is afraid to admit it to their parents. If you talk to your children often, you will always find a solution and discover the cause of the problem.

Prevent phone loss


Whether your child is responsible or not, it is always advisable to take precautions. For this purpose, we recommend that you take complete control of your child’s device. Take advantage of some of the great apps that provide many benefits to parents.

For example, you can restrict your child’s movement to certain locations. In case the child has changed the route, you will receive a notification on your device. During all that time, you will have an insight into his messages, search history, call list, photos and everything else. Apps can be visible or invisible to a child.

This means that you will have to decide on one of these two options, and it all depends on your relationship with the child. If your parenting style implies open communication and mutual respect, we are sure that you will suggest proposing this idea to your child so that you do not lose his trust.

However, if you prefer to follow him without his knowledge, now you have that option. Sometimes it is inevitable to choose another option if it is a problematic child.


In case you lose your phone, you can take a few steps. The first thing you should do is call up a lost smartphone. If you hear the phone ringing near you, just focus on searching. Even if he is not near you, we are sure that there are still decent people who will help you return the device.

You can also use google search by entering your address and checking where your phone is. Of course, this will only work if the phone is connected to the Internet and an account is included. If you have an iPhone, use iCloud.

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