10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Newborn Photographer in Sydney

Newborn photography is a kind of photography that masters the skill of capturing pictures of newly born babies. It is a skill not everyone can master and not everyone can learn. The photographer needs to be completely aware of all the surroundings in order to maintain the safety of the subject, that is, obviously, the baby. The main priority of the photographer is to ensure the safety and security of the baby so that the photoshoot goes just the way he planned to.

One of the major benefits of being a newborn photographer lies behind the fact that he can have the parents as his own personal assistants, that too, for free. The parents can help the baby to pose or even hold him, making the job for the cameraman a lot easier and fun.

This job is certainly not a piece of cake for everybody. The one who clicks the pictures, the one who is the main man behind all the magic that happens, is always in for a great task. He has to feed the baby, shush the baby, hold the baby comfort, click, wrap as well as even have to clean the baby up all just for a single click.

The task itself seems pretty hectic but once you get the taste and gist of it, there’s no going back because this job is a lot of fun, meeting all the new born babies is no less than a joy in itself. However, this genre of photography is an art and not everyone is a master.

There can be rookies all around or even professional ones. It is your decision as to who you select. Worry not as we are here to tell you the exact same thing. Creekstreet Photography offers you to check all the points of the list when you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Sydney.

Down below are the top 10 things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer in Sydney:

1. Ensuring the well being of the baby

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The first and the foremost factor is definitely going to be whether the cameraman prioritises the safety of the child or not. There can be a ton of people who can click magical pictures yet lack the safety feature of the child hence being the reason of being turned down by people.

A person who knows how to perform CPR, a person who knows how to maintain the perfect temperature of the room, a person who knows to use the sanitizer everytime, a person who knows to clean and wash the equipments and props, a person who knows to use a less heightened soft surface, a person who knows the do’s and don’ts of handling a baby can rightly be crowned as the professional photographer who knows his way in this field of work. That person should always be preferred in order to maintain the security and safety of the child.

For those willing to become a CPR-certified professional, look no further than the American CPR Care Association. Offering online CPR Certification Online , they provide the perfect opportunity to learn emergency response skills and become qualified for the job. Ensuring the little photo model’s safety is paramount and should never be taken lightly.

2. Is he experienced?

Another important consideration is to make sure that your chosen man has a lot of experience under his belt. If he’s new, odds are that he might not be familiar with all the safety aspects of the child. If he’s an amateur, he is likely to click normal or average pictures. And you do not want that. These pictures are memories, memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life, memories that you will cherish for all the times to come. One must never risk this over someone who is new in this field.

3. Style

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Another major aspect to look for is the style you prefer. There are a lot of styles being offered in the market, none of that is wrong though but it is absolutely your decision to take. Some people prefer to click pictures in the inside of the home – all natural and cozy and simple yet elegant. While others prefer outdoor shoots – one must keep in mind the weather as well as outdoor conditions for the baby. While some also prefer studio shoots. You need to make sure which one will best suit your requirements in order to achieve the perfect photoshoot you desire.

4. Timing

Timing is another factor that should be kept in mind while photo shooting the baby. The babies grow so fast that is why it is extremely essential to click their pictures in the first three weeks. In these initial three weeks, the baby sleeps a lot, is very stretchy, bendy and also very small so making him pose wouldn’t be an issue at that time. Therefore, choosing the time is very much necessary in order to attain the perfect, most cutest pictures of your baby.

5. Budget

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Another important factor in this regard is your budget. You have to make sure to choose someone who falls under your price category. Not too fancy shmancy and not too dull either. Remember moderation does wonders. Therefore, chalk out your plan, write your budget down and then select a few that fall under your desired category. Then and only then you will find someone perfect for this job in particular.

6. The quality

Another thing to look for while finding the best newborn photographer would definitely be the quality of their work. You need to ask yourself some questions such as is the picture quality up to the mark? Are the pictures of the top notch quality? Is the baby in focus? Is the lighting correct? Are they perfectly edited? If everything seems okay to you, you definitely should give it a go. It is the quality that matters, not the quantity.

7. Do you feel comfortable around the cameraman?

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Would you be comfortable seeing the cameraman hold your baby? Is he holding the baby correctly like any parent would? Is their ‘About Me’ section satisfactory to you? Will you feel relaxed during the photoshoot or would there be an air of rush between you people? Is he giving you all the time and attention you desire or is he rushing around so that he could attend to his next client? If not, he’s the one. Go for him.

8. Does he offer siblings portrait?

If your photographer offers a family as well as siblings portrait then you should definitely give it a shot. Sticking to the original plan of shooting for the baby, one must convey their other interests to the cameraman beforehand so that he leaves some time for the tasks you want him to deal with. For that to happen, the man should be flexible and must be open to ideas and opinions.

9. When will you get your hands on the pictures?

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You must ask the cameraman as to when the pictures will be delivered to them. If a person takes too long to develop them, he should not be picked. The parents must pick someone who delivers the product on time with the best quality as well.

10. Are your pictures Pinterest worthy?

There will come a time when you surf over Pinterest or Instagram and come across some cute baby portraits and you’d wish that someday your baby’s portrait is just the same. Nothing less nothing more. You must make sure that your photographer sees the picture that got you inspired in order to achieve that exact same look and feel.

Therefore, in conclusion, I hope that you have gotten what you were looking for. We hope and we wish that you find the best of the best newborn photographer in Sydney.

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