3 Things to Have In Mind When Designing a Commercial Indoor Playground

With so many kids out of the house and looking for things to do, it’s no wonder commercial indoor playgrounds are on the rise. And with good reason—these play areas are fun, educational, and perfect for all ages. But before you get started designing your own playground, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through eight of these key considerations. By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your playground is not only fun but also user-friendly and compliant with safety standards.

What is an Indoor Playground?

An indoor playground can be a great place for children to spend their free time. It can provide them with an interactive place to play, as well as a safe and fun environment. When designing an indoor playground, it is important to consider different factors, such as the age group that will be using it, the space available, and the budget.

Some indoor playgrounds may include slides, climbing structures, and other interactive features. It is important to note that these playgrounds are not typically designed for very large groups of children at once, so it may be best to consider them as part of a larger children’s play area.

Commercial Indoor Playgrounds- What to Consider?

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As parents and caregivers, we know that indoor play is important for our children. Commercial indoor playgrounds can offer an exciting and stimulating environment for your little ones while providing parents with some much-needed peace of mind. But before you invest in one, it’s important to consider a few things:

  1. Space: Commercial playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to decide how much space you’ll need. If the playground is large enough, groups of children can play together. If it’s smaller, each child may have their own area to explore.
  2. Age range: Commercial playgrounds are designed for children ages 2-12 years old. This means you’ll want to make sure the equipment is appropriate for your child’s age and size. Younger children may not be able to handle the height or intensity of some activities, so be sure to read the specifications carefully before making a purchase.
  3. Cost: Not all commercial playgrounds are created equal! Some are more expensive than others, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. It may also be worthwhile to compare prices between different types of playgrounds in order to get the best deal possible.


When designing a commercial indoor playground, it is important to keep in mind the age range of children that will be using the playground and the activities they will be engaged in. It is also important to consider how many people can use the playground at one time and what type of surface it will be placed on. Once these factors have been determined, it is easy to create a design that meets all of your needs.

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