How To Cope With Extreme Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

Naturally, women will face certain changes in their bodies after pregnancy. The main reason for that is hormone misbalance. The common issue is that some women might have issues with their hair.

The interesting fact is that the hair and skin will improve during the pregnancy, while things might get worse by the end and after the birth. If you are having similar problems, maybe the best solution is to get a wig and cover the deficiencies until it gets recovered. If you are interested in buying a win, click here.

On the other side, the wig is only a short-term solution, and you should try to recover your hair loss with proper treatment and additional products. Also, some methods could help you to prevent this problem. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best methods for dealing with hair loss after pregnancy.

1. Improve Your Diet


While you cannot prevent the changes related to the balance of hormones in your body. On the other side, it is not a rare case that women tend to eat unhealthy food after getting a baby, which, in combination with the lack of nutrients caused by the birth, can cause various issues with skin, hair, and overall health.

Therefore, you should focus on having a balanced diet and provide your body with essential minerals and proteins. In that matter, eat more greeneries, fruits, nuts, and fish to compensate for the loss of nutrients caused by pregnancy. That will prevent bigger issues with your hair.

According to, incorporating juicing into your diet plan is also an effective way to improve your nutrient intake. If you are not sure what to eat and how to create a balanced nutrition plan, maybe the best solution is to contact an expert. Nutritionists are aware of this problem, and they can create a special plan that will provide your body with nutrients that might reverse the current problem with hair.

In case that you have a more serious deficiency of certain vitamins, never take them on your own. The best solution is to run additional tests, and contact your doctor and nutritionist who will tell you the right amount of additional vitamins that are safe.

2. Avoid Stress


Besides the hormone misbalance, you have to know that getting frustrated too easily can also lead to various health issues, along with marks on the skin, and thinning hair.

Commonly, women can be irritable in this period, which is normal due to the changes they are facing, and the post-birth stress they had. An excellent solution would be to try to relax more by going to some spa center, getting a massage, or meditate.

3. Avoid Hairdressers


The common mistake is that a lot of young mothers will choose to visit a hair salon to get a new haircut by thinking that it will help with the problem. However, applying new color and getting a new haircut can only make your problem more serious. In this period, your skin and hair are too sensitive, and a hairdresser could make it even worse with various methods like dyeing, cutting, and teasing. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid a hair stylist as long as you keep noticing that you have thinning hair.

4. Use The Right Products


With nutrients depleted in and after pregnancy, you will have a hard time keeping your body in the best shape possible, or even in the condition it was before pregnancy. Similar is with your hair, it will need some time to regenerate, and you can do a lot of things to help it out. Give your hair what it needs to see it again in its all glory.
Another important thing to know is related to the selection of cosmetics and products that you can use for your hair. Avoid those products that contain chemicals that might irritate your skin, and could cause further excessive hair loss. Instead of them, use those products with natural ingredients, and be gentle when you apply them.

There are some shampoos, conditioners, and other products that are made especially for young mothers and are coming with a formulation that helps your skin and hair recover quickly. You can read more about high-quality hair care products at

Moreover, you should avoid using a hairdryer. Instead of that, use a towel, but be gentle with your moves. Also, buy a light model of comb and brush that won’t affect the skin on your head. Besides that, you should consider replacing your regular pillow with silk.

5. Keep in Mind That It is Normal


One of the main issues is that people will start panicking, which will increase the stress, and cause even bigger issues. In most cases, women start to notice that they are losing hair during showering. Keep in mind that it is normal, avoid frustration, and focus on natural methods that will help you to prevent bigger problems.

On the other side, it is crucial to pay attention to the levels of hair loss and see if it is getting worse and worse over time. There are certain issues with hair that could be indicators of health problems like anemia or glands. If you think that your problem is becoming more serious, visit your doctor for an examination.

6. Buy A Wig


The easiest solution that will help you to feel more attractive when you are in public is to get a wig. This is very popular in recent years, and you would be surprised to hear that many celebrities are wearing these all the time. The great thing is that you can choose from a wide selection of wigs, and there won’t be an issue to find the model that will be suitable for your style.

Therefore, you can buy a wig to cover your problems with thinning hair. Still, that will only hide a problem. In that matter, use it only when you are leaving the home, but focus on the methods that will help you to improve the condition of your hair over time.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, various methods can help you to cope with this issue. However, you have to keep in mind that it is a natural part of the process in your body after giving birth. In most cases, your hair will recover after some time, which means that there is no reason to panic and provide an extra effort to fix it yourself since that might cause more problems in the end.

As you can see, the best solutions are related to proper diet, avoiding stress, and being gentle with your sensitive skin.

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