How Early Should you Start Practicing Hypnobirthing – 2024 Guide

When practicing hypnobirthing, it is important to know when you should start practicing. There are a number of different opinions on this topic, but some say that practicing hypnobirthing early will make the process easier and less stressful. But does practicing too early actually have any disadvantages? This article will explore these questions and give you all the information you need to decide when practicing hypnobirthing is right for you!

What is hypnobirthing?

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The word “hypnosis” has several meanings, including “a technique during which a person feels suggested changes in sensation, perception, thinking or behavior.” HypnoBirthing is a form of hypnosis that may be used throughout the birth experience.

The phrase “natural birth” was first used in the 1989 book HypnoBirthing: A Celebration of Life written by hypnotherapist Marie Mongan, who was influenced by early “natural birth” advocate Dr. Jonathan Dye and Dr. Grantly Dick-Read. In fact, each chapter begins with quotations from those two doctors who felt that women should be trained to utilize their bodies effectively rather than being drugged into sedation during childbirth.

How hypnobirthing works

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Here’s how it works: HypnoBirthing teaches you to relax deeply during labor by utilizing deep breathing methods that help your body to perform at its optimal level.

“I used HypnoBirthing to empty my thoughts and breathe in order to birth our kid. The sensation of blissful relaxation that washed over me was like nothing I’d experienced. It allowed my body to relax enough that any discomfort was completely forgotten. I felt as if my body were in perfect working order. ”

In all cases of labor, there are options that can be chosen from by a woman for her birth experience with HypnoBirthing, which includes: no medication for either mom or baby; continuous fetal monitoring; waterbirths at home or in hospital using an inflatable tub; freedom of movement during labor such as walking around while laboring or standing up while pushing your baby’s head down through the birth canal. However, if you do need intervention like a cesarean section for medical or personal reasons, HypnoBirthing can still help you to have a positive birth experience.

Why practicing hypnobirthing early can be a good idea

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One of the biggest reasons to practicing hypnobirthing early is because it allows you time to get used to practicing it. If you wait until your second trimester, there will be no way for practicing hypnobirthing while pregnant with your first child. This means that you won’t know what kind of techniques work best or how relaxing/meditative they can make labor feel.

Another reason why practicing during pregnancy is a good idea is because some people find out that they are expecting more than once; this may mean multiple pregnancies and births which all involve practicing hypnobirthing! Having an established practice in place before getting pregnant makes things easier on everyone involved when having another baby down the road. But if only one person practices hypnobirthing, practicing it early is still beneficial.

When practicing hypnobirthing, what do you need to consider?

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Like with any other form of exercise, if you have a medical condition or are pregnant and suffering from complications such as pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH), preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or preterm labor, hypnobirthing is not recommended.

Another thing to consider when practicing hypnobirthing during your third trimester is the fact that it entails deep relaxation which may cause some people to feel lightheaded; in this case, having someone else practice along with you can be very beneficial because they will know when things start getting too intense for you and make sure that you don’t lose consciousness while relaxing deeply.

How early should you start practicing? Like we said before: there’s no right answer here! Everyone has their own timeline of when they want to start practicing hypnobirthing. There are people who feel that the earlier you practice, the better because it gets your body used to relaxing deeply which can help make labor more manageable. Then there are those who think that waiting until later on in pregnancy is a good idea because some women’s bodies relax naturally as their due date draws closer; this also means less work for mommy!

When choosing someone else to practice hypnobirthing with, keep in mind how well they handle themselves during stressful situations and what kind of environment makes them most comfortable. It helps if both parties involved have similar schedules so that practices don’t get cut short or forgotten about entirely. If possible, having each partner choose specific techniques they want to practice helps a lot because it gives them something specific that they can focus on instead of getting anxious about forgetting the whole method.

Using an app to practice hypnobirthing

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There are many different apps out there that you could use to practice this technique, so it’s worth exploring some of them to see which one suits your needs!

We have successfully tested Hypnobirthing: Calm Birth App and we can say that it is really good and deserves our recommendation. Hypnobirthing: Calm Birth App helps you practice Visualisations and Relaxation techniques that can help get rid of your fears, building up the confidence to give birth.

There are many benefits from using Hypnobirthing apps for pregnant women so it is definitely worth trying out! You can download our recommended app here:

You can download the app at:

After downloading the app all you have to do is press play on track one and start visualizing and relaxing with these calming hypnosis audios in this birthing affirmations app. It also gives instructions in relaxation technique at end of each session! This means every time when listening to a song or affirmation/relaxation session we immediately relax because we know what comes next – instructions on how to relax deeply (the most important part of the hypnobirthing method).


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Hypnobirthing is a practice that can be done by just about anyone, but it helps if both parties involved have similar schedules so that practices don’t get cut short or forgotten about entirely. If possible, having each partner choose specific techniques they want to practice helps because then they know what their focus should be on during the session.

The hypnotherapy app we mentioned is an excellent way for pregnant women to learn how to relax deeply and reduce anxiety before labor begins; this also means less work for mommy! There’s no right answer as far as when you start practicing your technique- some people prefer starting early in pregnancy while others wait until later on. Either way, there are many benefits from using Hypnobirthing apps which make them worth exploring!

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