Top 5 Kitchen Gifts & Gadgets for Busy Parents

Gifting the right thing to busy parents can be a life saver especially since they have their hands full with children. Typically, the most difficult thing to maneuver with children is what to cook. New parents are often so busy that they do not have time to figure out how to make a meal from scratch.

In such a case, the right gadgets and gifts for the culinary arts can be perfect for all the busy parents who are trying to balance work and home life. In this article we will be talking about the top kitchen gifts to send to busy parents for making their lives a little bit easier.

1. A Popcorn Maker


This is perhaps the easiest option which is why we mention it on top. Every adult knows how to use a pan and a plate to make popcorn in the store but a popcorn maker is quite different. It is convenient and far easier than the old-fashioned pan and pot way.

The typical way is also a fire hazard if one is not careful about how they are using the butter and the utensils. A popcorn maker on the other hand completely forgoes all of these safety problems and gives your kitchen the perfect kernels.

The thing with the popcorn machine is that no one will probably buy it for themselves. And anything which one will appreciate but would not buy makes for a great gift. It also works well for years without breaking down. So a popcorn machine you give somebody right now will be in use even yours later when you catch a movie at their place.

2. A Juicer


New parents are obsessed with doing nothing but the best for their children which includes giving them the right nutrition. This is where giving a juicer as a gift comes in. Juices manufactured and sold at the supermarket are not very good for health because they have plenty of added sugar which does more harm than good.

So, if you know a couple of parents who are very conscious about their health and what they are feeding the children, it might be time to present them with a juicer. It is also cost effective in the long run for the family because they will be able to save more. For instance, they will not have to buy extra fruit juice from the supermarket during grocery shopping.

Secondly, they will not have to waste a lot of fruit when it comes to juicing as it all depends on personal preference. A big problem with the juicer is that it can be very difficult to clean. But you can choose the right product by researching and looking at reviews.

3. A Coffee Maker


This is a great gift but it is also a staple in many kitchens so it is better to do your research before buying it. If the parents already have a coffee maker, you might want to ask some general questions about whether they are happy with it or would they want to replace it. If they say that the letter is the case you can go on the hunt for a coffee maker.

It might be costly but it is a perfect present for new parents wanting to save money. Rather than running out to buy the daily cup of morning coffee, the parents can now prioritize that time to do something more important. It will be both saving money and delivering good taste in the comfort of their home.

4. A Dutch Oven


A dutch oven is the perfect kitchen utensil which will come in handy for multiple dishes. It is available in ceramic and cast iron and all of the alternatives have different price ranges. The biggest benefit of choosing this option is that the uses are very versatile. You  can also give them recipe cards along with this present to get them started on some simple recipes.

For instance, one can make thick soups and stews in a Dutch oven. It is also good for pasta and chicken which can be easily cooked in less time. Any dish that requires a moist medium is well done in a Dutch oven. It has a variety of applications in safe time which is perfect for busy parents.

5. Cast Iron Pan


While a non-stick pan is chosen by multiple people for obvious reasons, many people refrain from it. Non stick pans are typically hazardous to health when the coating starts wearing off. So, if you want to make the life of the new busy parents easier, give them a cast iron man which is far more durable and versatile.

One can cook almost anything and then  put it in the oven to finish off, which will save a lot of time. One can sauté vegetables and cook pasta in it by using a lid to help in the cooking time. For all means and purposes, it works quite like a Dutch oven but is more versatile because it can be used for a number of dishes with or without the lid.

From the morning breakfast of omelet, pancakes or crepes to dinner when you need to make pasta or heat up the bread, cast iron man will work extremely well with all of it. The cleanup time might be more than that for a non-stick pan but it is worth choosing because it does not present any negative effects to health. It is also more durable than the non-stick alternative.

The Takeaway

All of the five options mentioned in this article are great for improving the convenience of busy parents. All of them are meant to save time while increasing the versatility of cooking. From a nutritional perspective, juicer and cast iron pan are perfect presents for parents of newborns who are keeping a watch on their diet. A coffee maker is a gift to bring comfort to the parents while a popcorn maker is perfect for family time.

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