5 Great Ways to Make Money While on Maternity Leave – 2024 Guide

Being a mum is the most precious calling in the world. Not only is it beautiful and special, but it is also a complicated journey full of challenges that usually requires all the time a mother has on its hands. Simply put, this means that maternity leave is one of the most important things in every mum’s life, because it allows her to dedicate all her time, energy and love into getting to know her child and learning how to take care of it. Also, this is a crucial period of time for every baby because closeness to mother has been proven to be essential for babies health, immune system and future development.

In case you are not sure what’s so special about maternity leave, and you think it is something that needs more attention, then this article is for you. The reason surveys show that the impact of maternity leave on both mental and physical condition of both the mother and baby is immeasurable and more than significant. That being said, one of the first things that needs to be mentioned is most certainly – breastfeeding. The longer a mother breastfeeds her child, the better for both mom and the baby. What’s the reason behind this?

Mother’s milk saves the child from a plethora of potential diseases or conditions such as allergies, diabetes, osteoporosis or even one of the worst diseases among them all — cancer. When children are being breastfed they have a stronger immunity which allows them to fight bacteria, viruses and even some genetic issues or potential issues such as obesity or asthma. All types of cancer can easily be prevented by a prolonged breastfeeding period of time. Not to mention that the best way to bond with your baby is through breastfeeding and spending time skin on skin with your newborn, which is proven to decrease postpartum depression, help mothers recover faster and allow children to develop faster.

Everybody has the right to take maternity leave. In other words, if you’re an employee, wherever you’re working (unless you are working for an agency or you’re a freelancer or have a contract that is special in some way), you can take your maternity leave; and the length of it varies, depending on the type of work you do, the country you live in, and it also depends on how much time you want to get. It’s interesting to mention that the shortest maternity leave can last for only 14 days, while the longest maternity leave can go up to a year.

What’s also important to mention is the fact that maternity leave and maternity pay are not the same thing, which means that during the vast majority of maternity leaves mums are not being paid. During that period of time they have zero income, or the amount of their income is significantly shrinked. In this kind of situation many moms have to go back to work a lot sooner than they are ready for, and there are cases where moms have gotten back to work after only a couple of days because they couldn’t afford not earning money for their family.

But even if it’s not only about maternity leave, mums are usually worried and stressed out because of the fact that having a child is expensive. There are clothing, diapers, toys and a huge list of other expenses which can easily turn into a big challenge that can never be solved, with no side hustles or better payment options.

Luckily, thanks to the rise of modern technology, there are numerous ways on the Internet to earn money while being on maternity leave and taking care of your child at home, which is something we can all thank IT technologies for. But what exactly can you do if you are a new mom who doesn’t have any income? Let’s dig into that.


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One of the best things you can do is to start investing and using your money the smart way – which most certainly includes some kind of investing, whether it is investing in cryptocurrencies, real estate, stocks, bonds or anything else that comes to your mind. Before you indulge in investing, you should do your research and find out which are the best investment opportunities and what are the best strategies you can use. In order to do that, you can take advantage of great tools such as Investing.co.uk, which can help you along the way, analyzing the data and the markets for you, choosing the right strategies and working as your personal assistant when it comes to investing.


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You can easily start earning money if you have a skill that can be useful for someone. That being said, you can create an online course and start selling it by yourself or on various websites such as Udemy, or you can teach people online, giving them private lessons in the area of your expertise. Even if you’re not really sure what skill you can sell, you can always improve something you’ve always wanted to and then dedicate time to teaching people. If you know how to draw, for example, people would be interested in learning the basics of drawing, or you can even create or illustrate a book for children and start selling on websites such as Amazon.


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If you have a spare room in your house, why wouldn’t you try to get that pile of stuff out, and decorate it beautifully, using inspiration photos and ideas from Pinterest or Instagram? With just a few tips and tricks and a pretty low budget along with a few DIY projects, you can transform that room into a little oasis, perfect for renting. This way, you’ll be able to make profit while staying home with your babies. Simple as that!

You might wanna redecorate your house with the help of catalogues which you can browse on Catalogue AU.


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You’ve most certainly seen ads on cars all around your city. If you’ve wondered why people advertise different companies and have stickers, letters, logos or even paintings on their cars, the answer is simple – they are being paid to do that. This is also another fantastic idea for a new source of passive income, which is exactly what you need if you don’t have enough time to work, but you still need the money. Try to find a brand you would love to collaborate with, and offer them your car as a moving spot for ads. You’ll thank us later!

Even if none of this isn’t something you would do, you can always take online quizzes, solve captchas, visit certain websites or watch ads and get paid to do all that. Although it can become boring because it’s mostly repetitive, it still is a great side hustle and it can provide you with some extra bucks every once in a while.

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