Should Parents Limit And Control Their Children’s Use Of The Internet?

The internet is a boundless sea of ​​information and content.  You just need to have an internet connection to all the dangers online that is available to anyone of any age.  Accessing content has never been easier for children who with just a few clicks through any device can reach what they want to follow or to see it.

Yes, the internet is as accessible to them as it is to us adults, but there is one thing that is not as problematic for us as it is for them, and that is internet safety.

When we were children and when we accessed content online we only had access to a family computer which was easily monitored.  We didn’t have portable phones and tablets, much less internet access that was available through these devices in our bedrooms and on school playgrounds.

Today, in particular, parents are overwhelmed with the technology that their kids have in the palm of their hands.  All they friends have them too.  Therefore, parents are not as strict with the amount of screen time as usage as when the internet was new.  This is why it’s necessary for parents to take back control and be more strict about what children can see online, as well as how and when they can view it.


Yes, you can do that through control, but you can do it in another digital way, and that is through digital protectors that allow children to access only content that is ready for them and only suitable for them.

Today there are a large number of such protectors that protect and control children, and parents need to begin to apply them more actively and to resist all threats that exist for their children. Installing a parental control app is essential to maintain complete control over what your child does online, whether it be on their phone, tablet, or laptop.

At the very least you can download this free parental control guide at and learn more about how to activate free parental controls on various devices. And what are the reasons why you should start using such protection?

We have listed them in great detail and explained them nicely, and what their strength is and how big they are, find out in the continuation of today’s article.

1. There is various content on the Internet and some of it is for children, but some is not for children


As we said above, the internet is a huge field of information and content, and we adults can enjoy it, just as there is also appropriate content for children that is a intended and provided for them as well.

This is why it is necessary to act in a timely manner to limit access to children through the options for digital parental control through which you will do your best to protect your child while online.

2. Most of the time, content that is not for children can be unprotected

Some of the sites and platforms that are not intended for children have made appropriate protection that does not allow children to access the content that is on the site, but there are web services, sites and platforms that have no protection and no protection for children, so access to them is much easier.

To prevent your child from accessing content that is not intended for him or her, you need to start using services such as digital parental control and limit most of the content that is not intended for children to your child. Be safe while using the internet.

3. Restricting access can only have a positive effect on your children’s development.


If you think that limiting access to content will hurt your children then consider the harm caused when they stumbling on something that will harm their psyche. By activating parental control through one of the services available online you can only help your child not to face content that is not intended for children, to help prevent the creation of trauma from something they will see.

This will most certainly create a stressful situation that will last for days or weeks.  Alternatively, with proper controls in place you will help them enjoy only what is intended for children and is fun, interesting and a positive experience online.

4. Internet safety is just as important to your children as it is outside the home

If you focus on that which is important for your children to be safe and secure only while they are away from home then it’s time to take a good look at internet safety.  It is just as important to remember that while away from home, internet access is not as easily supervised.

Parental controls need to be in place whether a child is at home or away and whether they are being supervised by parents or someone else, such as teachers or parents of their friends.  The goal is to make sure your child never views harmful control online and suffer the consequences of material that they do not understand or is just plain harmful to them.

5. The need for children to be safe on the Internet today is greater than ever


The world was a far more innocent place with the internet was born.  Even through there was harmful content for children, there was not as much as it and not always as accessible.  Today, internet connections are faster.  There are more devices that kids have that can access the internet.

They would usually only access sites where there were games for children, but they could also access YouTube where there was far less content than there is today. There is literally everything on the internet now that children can easily access.

Precisely, because of the ease of access to them, you need to be motivated and start using parental control actively in order for your child to be protected while looking for a way to have fun and enjoy their free time on the internet.

Should you limit your child’s access to the internet? Of course, you should do this immediately in order to protect your child and allow him to enjoy the content that are intended for them without any risk.

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