How to Know if Your Child is Allergic to Dust Mites?

Children are comparatively more prone to allergies which can affect other family members. Our kids can have different types of allergies, and there can be many reasons behind their health issues. But when it comes to dust mites, it is common to have allergies in kids, and it is easy to detect the causes.

If you think anything is wrong with your kid, you must look for various symptoms confirming your child is quite allergic to mites. But before you assume anything, you must know more about mites present in the dust and can affect your kids. You must know about the risks if the whole family gets affected.

After knowing all the symptoms and causes, you must learn more about the treatments, preventive measures, or solutions. In the following write-up, we will discuss how to know if your kid is allergic to dust mites or not. You can go through the useful information and save your child from getting too sick.

Information Regarding Dust Mites

You can call it microscopic organisms that are available everywhere. There is no single place where you cannot find them. But it is common in humid and warm environments. Surprisingly, they feed on the skin shed on humans and can pass to various things like furniture, beds, etc.

Due to the waste generated by dust mites, your kid can get various allergies. Our body resists the attack of dust mites, and it causes several reactions. With the help of these reactions, you can assume whether your child is allergic to the mites or not.

You must know about all the places where you can find these organisms. They are in dust, clothes, pets, beds, furniture, carpets, toys, fabric-based products, etc. You can call these mites allergens, and they can cause various reactions.

How to Check if Your Kid is Allergic to Mites?


You need to check common symptoms caused by the allergens in your child. It can be coughing, sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes, congestion, etc. In severe cases, it can be asthma. When you first observe these symptoms, you may ignore them and engage your child in various activities. If you observe these symptoms continuously, you must take your child to a doctor for an allergy check.

After examining, the physician can easily detect the reasons behind the allergies. You need to provide medicines to your child and do some preventive measures to avoid allergies. Even if you keep everything clean around you, there are still many chances of getting allergies. Every child has a different immune system and reacts differently to allergens.

Some bodies cannot withstand the allergens, which can easily cause allergies. One must look at all the symptoms before visiting the doctor. When you know about the allergies in the early state, you can treat them well through medications and treatments. If it gets severe, it is hard to get quick relief.

How to Prevent Mite-based Allergens?

The best way to get rid of allergies is by preventing them. You can do the following things for prevention.

1. Regular Floor Cleaning


The mites are present inside the dust and the common place where you get them on the floor. Kids love to play with their toys on the floor. They spend most of their time sitting, twisting, and enjoying gaming activities on the floor.

It is necessary to clean the surface timely to avoid accumulating dirt and allergens. You must wipe every floor corner with a clean and disinfected cloth. You can also vacuum the surface to eliminate all the dirt and debris.  According to BeaverMaids It is okay if you vacuum once a week. It is okay if you vacuum once a week.

2. Clean the Carpets


Your floor carpets are full of dirt, and it is pretty easy to get rid of them. You require a strong vacuum to extract dirt deeply from the carpet fibers. You can use baking soda or a disinfectant solution to kill all the small organisms inside the dirt on the carpet. It is not at all possible to do every day. But you can prefer dampening the carpet to get rid of visible dirt. You can also avoid your kids playing near the carpets.

3. Clean Soft Toys and Remove Them from Bed

All the soft toys are stuffed with cotton or fiber. It contains dust mites and keeps accumulating if you do not wash or disinfect them. You must wash all the toys at least once a month and remove them from the bed. Your kids should avoid playing with them. But you cannot stop them from playing. The preventive solution can help in avoiding allergies in them.

4. Wash Bedding Stuff Weekly


The presence of dust mites on the bedding stuff is quite more. It is possible because of the accumulated dirt on the frames, dirt on the bed sheet, unhygienic sleeping habits, etc. To avoid such a situation, you must wash the bedding at least once a week. With the bed, you should also do dusting on all the furniture items in your house. Removing dirt helps in preventing allergens that can cause allergies in your kids.

5. Use Humidifier or Air Purifier


Due to humidity, these microorganisms grow rapidly. You can avoid humidity indoors by installing a humidifier or air purifier. It helps in controlling the humidity levels. The air purifier purifies the air and prevents your kids from breathing air containing mites. You can use a HEPA air purifier to observe better results in your child’s allergies.

Final Thoughts

Observing various symptoms is enough for determining whether your kid is mite allergic or not. If you detect all the possible symptoms, you must not wait to make them worse. Instead, you should start taking preventive measures for controlling the situation in the house.

If things are getting worse, then you get medical help. Your doctor can suggest medications and things that are perfect for your kid to get relief from allergies. You must follow the instructions and keep your children away from these allergens.

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