Is Adult Supervision Required for Children If You Have Pool Safety Gadgets Installed?

Your children should never be left in your fiberglass pool unsupervised. There are plenty of pool gadgets you can turn to, in order to make the pool area safe for your children. However, your children can still get into accidents if left unsupervised in your pool.

You can install physical barriers like pool fences and even alarm systems. These add to your pool safety and keep your children out of danger. Pool safety gadgets can be extremely useful, especially in keeping your kids and your pets safe. However, this is only provided that there’s at least one adult supervising them while they swim. Your children should never be allowed to swim in your fiberglass pool unless someone is supervising them.

With that said, there are plenty of pool safety gadgets that will let you know if your kids have entered the pool. Let’s first look at what constitutes a pool safety gadget.

What is a pool safety gadget?

The pool safety gadgets that are available on the market are created with three main concerns in mind.

  • They should be able to prevent access to the pool.
  • If a pet or a person does enter the pool, then they should sound off an alarm.
  • They should be able to assist someone who has entered the pool.

So what are these fibreglass pools Auckland safety gadgets, and should you consider purchasing them?

Pool safety gadgets to help you keep your kids safe

There are plenty of pool safety gadgets available on the market, but they aren’t all as effective. These are the kinds of pool safety gadgets that you should consider getting:

Pool fence alarms


Pool fence alarms are designed such that they run along the perimeter of your pool fence. You’re required by law to have a pool fence installed if you have a fibreglass pool in your home. But a pool fence alone may not be sufficient in protecting your child. That’s where pool fence alarms come in.

It makes use of an infrared beam in order to detect whether there is any movement. It can also use magnetic connections. Essentially, when movement is detected, this alarm will sound off. That way, you’ll always know whether someone is near your pool.

Alarms that can be placed on the pool fence are also cheaper than the alarms that run along the perimeter of the actual pool. A pool fence alarm will sound off as soon as someone has entered the vicinity of your pool. This means you get more time to reach them before they enter the actual pool.

Infrared detector

An infrared detector is usually installed around the poolside. A loud alarm will go off any time the perimeter of this infrared detector is breached. An infrared detector is usually more expensive, but you’ll also be able to tell if your child has entered your fiberglass pool.

You should also note that there’s a minimum weight limit that should be met, in order to ensure that the alarm does ring. This means that if a leaf happens to fall into your pool water, then nothing will happen. However, if your child were to fall in, then you would know immediately. Even if a small pet like a cat were to fall into your pool, the alarm will still ring.

Motion alarm that’s underwater


A motion alarm that can be placed underwater uses sonar grids to detect if there’s been a breach and someone has entered the pool. It can work from under the surface of the water. Since this alarm system uses sonar, you don’t have to worry about it sounding false alarms.

While these motion alarms won’t sound off if there’s been a slight movement like the wind causing the water to move. It will sound off if even a small animal were to fall into your pool. So if your child enters your pool, you will know.

Such motion alarms are also automated, and after sounding off once, can re-arm themselves. If you’ve been wanting a primary safety system for a large fiberglass pool, then this motion alarm that can be placed underwater is perfect.

A motion detector that floats

These are motion alarms that are placed on the surface of the pool. Such a motion detector is also cheaper than many of the other options on this list. Anytime the surface of your pool is disturbed, you’ll hear the alarm. Motion detectors that are floating make use of electronic signals in order to figure out if water has been displaced in the pool.

If there are waves in the pool water, such as those created when someone falls in, then you’ll be warned as well. These motion detectors are perfect for use in any pool, even inflatable ones. Remember though that strong gusts of wind can also cause this kind of alarm to sound off, so sometimes the alarms you get may be false. Nonetheless, you should always check your fiberglass pool if you hear the alarm sound off.

Water detector that’s wearable


You’ll need to have an alarm unit in place if you want to use a water detector that’s wearable as well. Usually, you’ll have your child wear a wristband. That wristband will sound an alarm that reaches a base station in your home, any time your child gets too close to your fiberglass pool.

Remember that your kids shouldn’t don’t have to wear the water detector throughout the day. But if your child wants to play in your backyard, then giving them a water detector to wear can be a good idea.


Even when you have pool safety systems in place, you should never leave your children out near the pool alone. If your children want to play in the backyard, and you have work inside your house, ensure that they are wearing a water detector. You should also keep your ears open, in case you hear an alarm.

But if your child ever wants to go swimming in your pool, then you should never leave them unsupervised. Even with the best pool safety gadgets, accidents can still happen. The only way to keep your children absolutely safe around the pool is when you ensure they are supervised.

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