6 Things Only New Moms Will Understand

Becoming a parent was never an easy thing. Especially if you’re a first time parent. While being a father has its own unique challenges, becoming a mom is, according to research, a gigantic rollercoaster of emotions, duties, responsibilities and difficulties.

Before they become parents, people usually worry about certain things and they always seek advice from other, more experienced parents. Listening to other people’s advice, however, isn’t always fun and games.

Some things seem scary, some seem unrealistic and as a parent, chances are pretty high that you’ve said to someone at least once: that’s not going to happen to me or I’m going to do that differently.

In reality, when you actually indulge in the life of being a parent, that’s when all the advice and suggestions and experiences actually start making sense.

What do we mean by this?

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If anyone told you that you will not sleep while your baby is sleeping, would you believe them? Probably not. In reality, you will be sleep deprived and this doesn’t mean that you will get some sleep while your baby is sleeping, quite the contrary.

When your child or children are asleep, you will use that time to do chores around the house, prepare everything for later and use your time wisely, all while monitoring and making sure you’re around your baby.

Now all the stories about not being able to sleep for at least a year or two after giving birth make sense, right?

Changing your habits completely, creating new routines and completely redesigning your life is something that always goes with parenting. It’s something that both of the parents are (well, in most of the cases) prepared for.

Ok, maybe not for tantrums. Both parents are going through the same processes, but there are certain things whether smaller or bigger that only a new mom will understand. What are these things and do you have any control over them? Let’s dive into it.

1. You’ll Never Be Alone Again. Ever.

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Having a kid means completely focusing on them, 24/7. However, only moms will understand that this means having absolutely no privacy for at least the first 5 or 6 years. If you do get a bit of ‘me time‘, you will appreciate it more than anything else.

As mentioned before, when your baby is napping, you have difficult decisions to make such as: should you simply grab coffee and scroll through your favorite social media, or make lunch, do laundry or anything else on your to-do list.

But when your kids are really small, it means that you cannot even go to the bathroom by yourself because you have to keep an eye on them all the time. That truly means that you will never be alone, even in the most private moments of going to the bathroom, taking a bath etc.

The most annoying things you did in the past, such as going to the supermarket or doing boring everyday chores, will be like small trips to Hawaii – if you do them by yourself. You don’t trust us? You’ll see for yourself!

2. You’ll Become One Of Those Ignorant People With Kids

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Remember how some of your friends who first got kids seemed ignorant, boring and difficult at first? Well, good news – you will most certainly become one of them as soon as you get kids yourself. Not because you’re a bad person, but because there is simply no time for anything else.

Being a parent is a full time job and especially being a mum. With the breastfeeding schedule it’s pretty challenging to schedule a coffee with your friends or anything else. Constantly saying no to the invites of your friends will become normal over time, and at some point, they will simply stop bothering you because they figure you have a lot on your plate. Luckily, everything goes back to normal at some point (although this point is not very clear).

3. You Will Have Kids Songs Playing In The Back Of Your Mind. Constantly

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Remember how you loved getting dressed up before going out, listening to your favorite music, preparing dinner with your partner with some cool jam on, or vibing in your car listening to your favorite song? Well, you can say goodbye to these small rituals.

Why is that? The answer is simple. You will play kids songs for your kids all the time! And they will refuse to listen to anything else. You will use YouTube and other music streaming platforms as a good way to grab your kids attention when you try to see them or when you’re simply running out of ideas on how to entertain your kid.

In this situation, you’re simply giving up on your favorite music and you will probably have twinkle twinkle little star or old MacDonald had a farm in your head all the time. Or you’ll maybe watch some funny mom videos and read useful articles on momcavetv.com, just to ease the pain.

4. Google Will Become Your Best Friend

A lot of things will be scary when you become a mom. Moms know that Google will become your best friend. Anything that looks suspicious, weird, unusual or simply different, will need to be thoroughly investigated on Google, forums, and through chatting with other mums and reading about their experiences.

Although there are certain schools for mums that teach you everything, there is a lot of unknown. Although it is beautiful to explore new things about your kids on a daily basis, it’s also pretty intimidating. You will become a Google research expert!

5. You’ll Stop Being Shy

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According to new mums, worrying about your appearance will fall on the second place, compared to breastfeeding your baby on time and making sure that everything is the way it should be. Remember how you were worried about your see-through blouse in the past?

You can forget about that. Your closest family members (but not only them, all the people you’re in contact with) will probably see your nipples and that is completely normal, completely, natural and will definitely stop bothering you.

6. You’ll Need More Storage On Your Phone

Moms know that they want to save every memory possible, which means taking hundreds, even thousands of photos of their kid. Memes, screenshots, selfies? You will have more photos of your kid than anything else. And you will love it!

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