6 Reasons To Childproof Your Home Room By Room

Many people would say that they didn’t realize how dangerous their home was until they had a toddler running around. Most parents start thinking about different childproofing products as soon as they learn they are expecting. They get overwhelmed by the worry of potential injuries, so it is completely natural to feel this way.

Even though it may not be necessary to do it while your child is an infant, it becomes essential as they grow up and start crawling and walking. Kids are curious, and they want to investigate each corner of their surroundings. Here are some reasons why you have to do this, and tips on how to complete this task.

1. Doors and locks

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These are probably the first thing that pops in your mind. Surely you lock your front door as soon as you come home to prevent intruders from getting one. However, when you have a toddler, there is a new goal you have to reach. That’s right. You have to stop them from going out.

In addition, keep in mind that you have to keep your child out of the laundry room, stairs, and other similar areas of your home. At the same time, you have to ensure that they cannot open the door leading to your patio and pool. When it comes to childproofing locks and doors, you have a few options. If you have a round knob, you should go and purchase a cover that will prevent kids from opening the door.

On the other hand, if the knob is flat or you have to secure the sliding door, you should invest in a locking system and a security bar that will keep the door completely shut even when it is unlocked. If you need more similar tips, you should investigate the locksmithtucson.us website.

2. Windows

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Windows can be a serious safety hazard when you have young kids. First of all, toddlers enjoy climbing furniture, so you have to make sure that these are nowhere near the windows. Next, you have to invest in window bars to improve their safety further. When it comes to these, you have multiple choices.

You can install the permanent ones, or you can go with the ones that can be taken off. Whatever your choice may be, you have to check them to ensure that they are sturdy and that the kids cannot open them. Moreover, there are safety products you can install and have the windows only slightly opened or cracked.

Next, do not forget about blinds and pull cords because these can be a choking hazard. No, you don’t have to get rid of these entirely, but instead, you can go with cordless blinds and covering. On the other hand, you can just secure the cords and attach them to the wall high, somewhere your kids cannot reach and pull them.

3. Cabinets

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Do you remember when we said that children love exploring? Well, they will be fascinated by the cabinets and cupboards they can reach. That’s right. We are talking about the ones in your bathroom, under the sink, but also the ones in the kitchen.

Generally speaking, people use these to store chemicals and cleaning products. It goes without saying that your child should never access to these. When it comes to these, you can choose between the interior latchet and an external lock. Both of these have their sets of pros and cons, and some people even choose to go a step further, so they install both.

At the same time, don’t forget about all the drawers in the house. Naturally, you have to ensure that the ones in the kitchen, where you store knives and other sharp objects, are outside the kids’ reach.

The same thing goes for dressers and chests of drawers where you keep important papers, documents, and other stuff. Even though these may not be a safety hazard, the chances are that the children will probably destroy everything they find.

4. Pools and bathtubs

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If you have a pool in your backyard, this gate has to be the first item on your list. Sadly, when it comes to home accidents and injuries, most of them happen due to the unsecured pool area.No, it doesn’t matter if you have a lock system on the sliding doors because the pool gate is a must.

In addition, you should also get a pool cover. Sometimes, it is enough to take your eyes off the child for a mere second for them to wander off, especially if you are playing outside.

The same rule applies to bathrooms and tubs. Every time you are drawing a bath for them, you have to make sure that they are in another room or that the bathroom door is closed. It goes without saying that you should never leave them unattended while they are in the bath.

5. Stairs

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Babies become unstoppable the moment they start crawling. This is when stairs become another household hazard. Due to this, you have to get fences and gates and install them both at the top and bottom of the stairs. This way, you will prevent them from both going upstairs and downstairs. Naturally, these have to include locking systems that kids cannot hack and manage.

6. Electrical outlets and cables

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When it comes to outlets, your child will most certainly try to push tiny toys and objects into them. This is a common occurrence, and all kids do it. Because of this, you have to ensure that every outlet in the house is covered. Obviously, you should start with the low ones they can easily reach.

You can get these covers almost anywhere, and once again, you have to ensure that they are durable and cannot be taken off. Otherwise, not only will the outlets be exposed, but your kid will probably try to put them in their mouth, and thus, they can become another choking hazard.

Finally, don’t forget about the cables that lay around your home. There are probably some behind the TV stand and your computer desk. Even though you cannot eliminate these completely, you can always use specific items to collect, organize, and move them outside the child’s reach.

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