6 Kitchen Renovations To Tackle Before Your Baby Arrives

When you are finally starting a family you not only want to be safe for your child but also want to make them feel comfortable while you are working in the kitchen. This renovation of the kitchen cannot be done overnight.

There is lots of cleaning work and medication you have to take care of before the baby arrives like you have to secure your kitchen cabinets and upgrade them with different improvements to take care of while you are with your baby in the kitchen.

Here are a few kitchen renovations you need to install for your family’s needs.

1. Prep for visitors

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If there are overnight visitors who spend a night at your place like your best friend or your motje you need proper arrangements for them. If they need a towel while working and you don’t have it in the proper place in proper condition this will degrade your image in their memory forever. Avoid all these things and get proper sheets and towels, at the proper place in the kitchen. Remember to change the sheet timely.

2. Safety issue

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This is the major point you should take care of while renovating the kitchen. Because after the baby arrives and you are sleeping and he or she walks in the kitchen or touches electric boards or plumbing they and you both will suffer. So first get all the windows of the kitchen secure and modify all the plumbing and electrical issues with maximum height so that the baby does not reach them.

This technique is called baby proofing to resolve all the safety issues. If you have a fire alarm in your home remember to keep it at a safe distance so that the baby cannot reach it in the kitchen. We are the most experienced San Diego Kitchen contractor creativedesignandbuildinc.com.

3. Target red zones in the kitchen

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When you know you will have to spend a lot of time with your baby in the kitchen you surely have to renovate the kitchen so that your child remains safe. Things like dish rags, kitchen sinks, countertops, handles of refrigerator and faucet, toothbrush holders, cutting boards need to be reallocated so that the baby remains unattached to these things which can help him or her.

Keep the kitchen clean and hygienic too on a regular basis by wiping the hot spots. Paint the kitchen with a light color that doesn’t harm the mental peace of a child.

Add furniture like a baby dining chair and you can also install a ceiling fan to keep your baby feeling good on a hot summer afternoon. There should be no light switches installed at doorknobs and regularly update the closet and make different structural changes according to your need.

4. Reimagine your space

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If you are planning for a newborn baby to arrive make sure you make all the arrangements of the kitchen stuff so that it feels safe for your child to sit around and play. Make sure that all the cabinets have locks in which there are stiff like knives kept and the trash is hidden far away from the reach of the baby.

For stress reduction, you have a coffee maker placed at the right location and there is a proper rack for baby food maker or bottle rack of baby items. You can eventually keep bowls, baby spoons in there. You can create a small space in the kitchen for baby items. You can contact the contractor to make sure he adds all these features to your kitchen.

Give your kitchen a good cleaning so that babies’ health doesn’t compromise. Keep all the small appliances away from the reach of the baby. You will need to change diapers from time to time so make sure you have a healthy environment in the kitchen after performing these activities.

For that, you will need to think of renovating the kitchen right now. Work from renovating from top to bottom of the kitchen and get it done before the arrival of the baby so that you can only focus on the baby after their arrival.

5. Laundry room, flooring, and bathroom

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Do up-gradation of your washer and your hamper with new components model for the child safety. Upgrade your dryer so that the child remains safe and have a closed storage space that carries the child safety latches. If you don’t have one pre-installed, order one now to have some life-changing experiences with your child.

Remove the packaging of the baby’s new clothes and you can do your laundry before the time of arrival of the baby. This is to reduce the irritation caused on the sensitive skin by the tags of the baby clothes. Remove labels or tags because you will need clean clothing to be worn out in small hands.

6. Repair the broken floor to avoid injuries to the baby

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Broken or uneven tiles or floorboards can cause harm to the baby as the baby mostly lies downplaying and crawling on the floor. You can consider putting the floor mats with a good amount of padding underneath. Floors are the place where a child spends most of their time in childhood so to take good care of your child you first need to take care of the floor on which the child will play.

Add a space for sorting and folding so that it makes it easy for the child to play. You might also look to renovate the bathroom before the arrival of the baby because some things kept in the bathroom can cause potential harm to the baby and childproofing is an important factor to be taken care of. You can especially renovate the bathroom beforehand so as to make the place safe for the child bath of your little ones.

Consider heating flooring that will help the child bathe safely in cold early mornings and keep the latching and anti-scalding devices cabinet out of the reach of the child. If the bathtub of your bathroom is old, repair it and update it so that you make a safe and better place for the baby to take bath.

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