Is Smoke From a Fireplace Dangerous During Pregnancy?

During the combustion process, among other things, CO is formed. As we all know, this product is the most dangerous. So, that would mean that your stove or fireplace on wood, gas or pellets produces carbon monoxide.

Whether the smoke smells good or not, it is not good for you. Particles from it can enter your eyes or respiratory system and thus cause burning of the eyes, runny nose and diseases such as bronchitis. However, this is not the worst thing that can happen to you. If you are pregnant, you should avoid direct exposure to smoke.

Studies show that prolonged exposure to smoke increases the risk of complications in pregnancy. This leads to high blood pressure, the appearance of diabetes, etc. In rare cases, low birth weight or premature birth occurs. It doesn’t have to mean that this will happen to you, but our advice is to expose yourself to direct smoke as little as possible. Read more about it in the rest of the text.

Why is my fireplace smoking?


So, we found that the smoke from the fireplace is pretty bad for you and your baby. That means you should avoid it. However, if the smoke from the fireplace spreads in your home every day, there is something wrong. In that case, you are 100% exposed to smoke, but that is not the only bad news. This kind of functioning of the fireplace is not normal and that means that it no longer works efficiently.

There are several things that cause an overly smoky fireplace. That is why it is most important to notice the problem in time in order to eliminate it as quickly as possible. For example, if your house is well insulated. While this is basically a good thing for you, it is not such an ideal condition for your fireplace.

That would mean you have a problem with negative pressure. In such circumstances, you simply do not have enough air from the outside through which the smoke would go through the home. Keep in mind that experts recommend at least 7 air exchanges daily.

This situation can also be caused by exhaust fans from your kitchen or bathroom. Turn them off to see if the situation changes. Warm outside temperature is another factor that can cause smoking from the fireplace. Finally, think about the last time you cleaned the chimney.

How bad is the smoke from the fireplace?


This has a very bad effect on your health. Some of the most common health problems are asthma attacks, heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, etc. All these conditions can occur due to the content of smoke, which is full of harmful and toxic air pollutants. This refers to carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, acrolein … However, these pollutants can be stopped.

You need excellent ventilation for this smoke to find its way out of your home. Otherwise, it can only end up in your lungs and cause these problems, as well as many others. We also recommend installing a CO detector that will alert you to a high concentration of CO. However, when it comes to the harmful effects of smoke, pregnant women belong to the most risky group.

Influence of fireplace smoke on pregnant women


The biggest reason is the fast breathing of pregnant women. This is very characteristic, because their hearts work a little differently than those who are not pregnant. This is a normal occurrence due to the transport of oxygen to the fetus.

However, this is what makes them very vulnerable when it comes to air pollution. It is important to emphasize that this smoke can also be a threat to fertility. That is why this is equally important for couples who are planning to start a family. Smoke affects the ovarian reserve as well as the number and movement of sperm.

Precautions during pregnancy


The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your baby is to reduce your exposure to smoke. You can do this in several ways. For example, change your place of residence during the day when there is a high risk, air the house more often, use air conditioning for cooling, etc.

In addition to the fireplace, equally harmful things are cigarette smoke, lighting candles or frying barbecues. If you have to stay in these circumstances for a certain period of time, you can always use masks or an air filter device. Be sure to avoid inhaling ash.

Unfortunately, a certain number of women experienced premature birth due to such and similar situations. Poor fetal development can also occur.

Therefore, as little as possible expose yourself to such situations, take regularly prescribed medications and prenatal vitamins. Don’t forget to get enough hydration and find out about the signs of premature birth. Some of them are stomach cramps, profuse vaginal discharge, etc.

Checking and cleaning the fireplace LINK


Regular cleaning of the fireplace can be considered as the best prevention. We do not only mean cleaning by yourself, which is very demanding, but also regular chimney inspection. This check is performed by experts like Doctorchimney. This way you will prevent fire and harmful smoke in your home.

That is why the inspection of chimneys is a necessary thing, which is usually done once or twice a year. It is important to note that there are three levels of inspection. Experts will know to recommend the one that suits you best. For example, the first level refers to the inspection of the external and internal parts of the fireplace. Video scanning and other options are used for detailed assessment.

The second level is recommended for people who have just bought a house or are planning to buy it. A detailed inspection is then performed to determine the correctness. The third level of inspection refers to checking for structural damage or other problems in the parts of the chimney. This is mainly due to fire or strong storm, earthquake, etc.

How to properly clean a fireplace?


So, the fireplace will always function well and look great if it is cleaned regularly. Of course, we must not forget the embers. It must be turned off at least half a day before cleaning the fireplace. Pay attention to the means you use for this purpose.

Their composition is very important, because they must not be toxic or flammable. It is also necessary to clean the ashes regularly after each use of the fireplace. Vacuum it once a week, because that way you will remove excess dust and soot.

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