6 Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Clean When Living With Babies

How do you keep carpets clean when you have kids, and maybe even pets, running around the house? This is a question that many parents don’t have an answer to. Keeping carpets clean is very important as it helps to keep dust and debris away. Dust and debris can make your home look dull and untidy. There are constant spilling and stains that you worry about, especially when you have kids. Stained carpets are a sore sight, and visitors will be immediately put off. To avoid this situation, you have no choice but to find a way to keep your carpets clean, even if your kids are ultimately out to do the opposite. And anyone who has kids knows the truth in that statement!

To make cleaning your carpets easier and more effective, you have to adopt certain measures that other homeowners who don’t have kids would typically ignore. These measures ensure that your carpets stay free of dirt, debris, grime, and stains, regardless of whether you’ve got one kid or several little munchkins living in the house. Below are some of the measures that you should put in place.

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1. Vacuum Often And Properly

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There is no shortcut to cleaning your carpets when kids live with you. You have to get to it and do the work, which means you have to vacuum correctly and often.

This may seem like a time-consuming and tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right attitude, equipment, and maybe even some music, vacuuming can easily become a house chore that you enjoy. When vacuuming, you should ensure that you go wall-to-wall and not leave any space untouched. Also, focus more on high-traffic sections of your home where your kids probably pass through a lot.

Vacuum at least three times per week, and make sure you get to the hard-to-reach places under furniture, too, because all the dust and debris collects. Again, it’s not enough to vacuum regularly if you are not doing it right. So, take the time to do it right. So that you don’t have to repeat the vacuuming later in the day after you realize it was not done right in the first place.

2. No Partying In The House

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If you can, you should avoid hosting parties if you want to keep your carpets sparkling clean. Let’s say you have a kids’ playdate, birthday party, or cookout. Why not have it in the backyard? An outdoor party is more fun than an indoor one, so your kids may not even complain.

Imposing a ‘no partying in the house’ rule can go a long way in safeguarding the well-being and durability of your precious carpets and rugs. Any guests who come to your kid’s parties should be appropriately directed to the washrooms and drinks, and food should be kept on the outdoor deck or patio to reduce traffic flow into the house during parties. The last thing you want is a 20 little seven-year-old running inside with muddy shoes!

3. Use Mats At All Entry Points

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Any door used to gain access to your home should have a mat. This is a no-brainer, especially when living with kids, as you don’t want dirt and debris from outside to find their way onto your carpets. The simple measure of placing mats on all doors leading into your home ensures that your kids and other guests wipe their feet before coming inside. The doormats will capture most of the debris and dirt from shoes. These mats should be cleaned regularly so that they don’t accumulate too much dust.

4. Get Professional Deep Steam Cleaning

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The reality is that no matter how often you vacuum, it’s impossible to keep spotless carpets. According to many carpet cleaning services, you can vacuum, but the deeply embedded dirt, grime, germs, and allergens will remain in your carpet.

The solution? Get a professional carpet cleaning Utah County from www.ablejan.com in too deep to steam clean your carpets once a year at a minimum but preferably every six months if you can afford it.

Germs, dirt, and grime live in the carpet that can only be removed by professional equipment. When you vacuum, you remove the visible dirt. It’s similar to washing dishes with water and a sponge. They may look clean, but they are full of invisible grime and bacteria. And the last thing you want is your child getting sick because of the germs and allergens you can’t see on your carpet.

5. Handle Spills Immediately

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If you live with kids, you will undoubtedly have to deal with many spills. These spills can quickly turn into stains if not addressed soon as possible. Never ignore spills and say that you are going to clean them up later. This kind of procrastination is not healthy for your carpets.

It would be best always to strive to clean spills immediately after they do not have to deal with tough stains later on. It would be best to handle the spills appropriately, as different spills have different cleanup methods. If the worst happens and you have found yourself with some ugly stains, take the right measures to get rid of the stains so that your carpets remain in top shape.

6. No Shoes in the House

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Last but not least, you should impose a ‘no shoes in the house‘ rule. This may be a difficult rule for parents to enforce, but it can go a long way in keeping both your carpets and house clean if implemented. When shoes are not allowed inside the house, dirt and debris will be significantly reduced. To help enforce this rule, tell your kids that anyone found with shoes in the house will have to clean the carpets themselves. Good luck!

Bottom Line

If you consider implementing these ideas, your carpet will continue to look beautiful and soft for a long time. Perhaps you can even get your kids to help out.

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