5 Tips for Planning an International Road Trip With a Baby

Going on a trip with babies is definitely not something easy to do. But it is also not as challenging as it might seem. If you and your husband have been travelers, you will be able to handle your baby too. Moreover, babies feel excited when they encounter something exciting and good. They are curious about the world and therefore, they won’t trouble you.

Although taking a flight is a safe choice, if you want to enjoy the road trip, you can also do so. Road trips are fun and they are also better for babies. Flights can put pressure on eardrums and this might not be a safe choice for your baby.

Therefore, if you are planning a road trip, here are a few things that you need to do.

1. Get your international driving licence

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You cannot drive anywhere you like because different countries and regions have their rules and regulations.

Driving guidelines are created to keep everyone safe on the road. However, getting an international driving licence is not that easy for everyone.

But wait,

Here is the twist. It was not easy before. However, now you can get your international driving permit in only 2 hours. You can visit this site, they provide driving permits for 150 plus countries.

All you have to do is to visit the site and apply for a permit. Afterward, pay the fee and get your driving permit in a few hours. So even if you are getting late, you can apply for the permit and get it before leaving the boundaries of your country.

So after you get your driving permit, you won’t encounter any problems on the way. Even if you make a mistake, you won’t face any legal problems because you will have the licence. So you are not doing anything illegal. It is a crucial thing especially when you are travelling with your family.

2. Take your car to the workshop

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Even if your car is working just fine and there isn’t any problem with it, you still need to take precautionary steps. It is possible that there is a problem but it is not at a dangerous level. However, when you keep on driving for hours, your car might stop midway. Therefore, this is not a safe choice for family trips.

Especially when you are with a small baby, you cannot take the risk of such mishaps. Imagine if your car breaks down on the road and you are with your wife and baby, what will you do then? You won’t be able to do anything. Furthermore, your family’s security will be at risk. You don’t know what you will face on the road.

That is why it is important to get a thorough checkup at a workshop before leaving for a road trip. In addition to this, you also have to tell your mechanic that you are leaving for a long road trip. In this way, he will also get a thorough checkup.

3. Things to pack

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Packing is also crucial when traveling with a baby. Elders can suffice with anything but not babies. Some things are crucial for babies. This includes their meals, cereals and milk.

If you have been a frequent traveler, you must already know that you fell ill at new places. Changes in water and meals can bring significant changes to your body. Sometimes, the water of a new region does not suit you and you experience diarrhoea.

So imagine if such things can happen to you what will happen to babies. They are much more sensitive to environmental changes and diet changes. Therefore, you need to pack everything of theirs. If your baby is on milk feed, you have to pack his milk powder. Similarly, if they are on any special diet, you have to pack enough food for them.

In addition to this, you will also need to pack their;

• Diapers and clothes.
• Hand sanitizer
• Bottles
• Sippy cups
• Bibs
• Pee pads (they are specially prepared for car seats)
• Baby food
• Baby carrier
• Bottled water for baby
• Diaper covers or bags that can keep the dirty diapers until you find a disposing place
• Their favorite toys for them to play with

The best way is to make a checklist of the things that you will need. The checklist will help you get all the necessary things and you won’t make a mistake.

4. Get a car seat

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Babies cannot sit simply on the car seats. Furthermore, if you are only three people traveling, it would be difficult to handle the sleeping baby. Therefore, there are special car seats available for babies. These seats are designed to ensure the comfort of a baby.

If you already have a seat and you know how to install it, do it by yourself. Otherwise, while you are at the workshop, ask the technician to install it.

A baby seat will make things much easier for you during the road trip. You can keep the windows down and let the baby enjoy the fresh breeze. And these seats are also quite easy to wash. So even if the baby gets the seat dirty, you can remove its outer cover and wash it. This will also let you relax on your way.

5. If you have a feeding baby

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If your baby is breastfeeding, you will need things for the mom too. So if you are a breastfeeding mom, you need to take care of your health too. So make sure that you prepare these things for yourself;

• Enough water to keep yourself hydrated on the way.
• Take stops on the way.
• If you use a breast pump, make sure you have a car charger for that.
• Get a small cooler to keep the pumped milk fresh.
• Wear your nursing clothes for the way and keep an extra one too.

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