4 Ways Your Gut Health Can Affect Your Skin

A lot can be said about your gut health and how it affects your skin. Numerous skin conditions appear specifically because of poor gut health.

But if you’re no expert on the subject, we’re here to explain the ways how having a healthy gut will make your skin even healthier. So with all that said, let’s jump straight in.

1. Poor Gut Causes Skin Allergies

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We’ve done plenty of research on the connection between our gut and the sudden emergence of allergic reactions in both animals and people. What the science says is that poor gut health actually affects the way allergic reactions appear on our skin.

If you’ve suddenly experienced certain allergic reactions, then it might be due to poor gut health. Why? Well, it seems there is only one viable answer that connects both – Your immune system. The immune system is vital for the way our body responds to everything.

Diet plays a huge role in our gut health, with poor diet having a negative effect. The more you eat unhealthy foods, the more likely you’ll develop skin allergies. The connection goes as follows. A poor diet that consists of unhealthy foods, mostly fast foods, drastically changes the microbial community of your gut.

This change then affects your gut, which stops producing anti-inflammatory metabolites. These metabolites help regulate our immune system. If there is nothing to regulate our immune system, then chances are we will develop diseases, conditions, and disorders.

One of these includes various skin allergies that can easily appear anywhere on our body. The most likely place is the belly skin, but it’s quite common for these allergies to appear on our extremities, hips, etc.

2. Poor Gut Causes Acne

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Yet another way our gut health can affect our skin is by causing acne. Acne, as many of you know, can be very difficult to deal with. Not only that, but people suffering from acne try all sorts of things to make them go away.

Let’s just say that acne doesn’t make for a very good selfie. Thus, we must get rid of them. But how? While there are numerous ways to combat acne, what you should really focus on is eat more healthy foods. Thus, a disordered gut is the number one reason why acne appears in the first place.

The reasons are very similar to the previous one. Since the gut stops producing the necessary means to combat specific microbes, it will cause an uptick in inflammatory signals. This will hasten the production of acne and the more unhealthy stomach acid found in your gut, the higher the chances acne will develop at a much faster pace.

While research is pretty slim on the matter, what we can say is that inflammation plays a huge role in why acne appears in the first place. Like we mentioned earlier, there are many ways to combat acne and keep them at bay. One of the more viable ways is to use a proven solution that uses natural ingredients with high potency supplements. If you’re interested in one such product, then make sure to give zennutrients.com a visit and read more about how to solve your acne problem with SkinVITE.

3. Poor Gut Causes Psoriasis

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If there is one skin condition that no one wants to develop, it’s psoriasis. This is a chronic autoimmune condition that appears when our body produces more skin cells than it needs. The result of this over-production of skin cells causes the cells to appear on top of one another.

The end result resembles patches of skin that look more like scaly skin, scabs, and flakes. There is plenty of research on the matter and researchers have spent millions of dollars on finding the cause and cure for psoriasis.

It is said that, while there are numerous reasons for it, both external and genetic, the number one cause for psoriasis is an extremely unhealthy gut. Helpful bacteria in the gut are the key to preventing all of these conditions. From acne to psoriasis, the more healthy bacteria in the gut the more it keeps the diseases in check.

Salmonella is one type of unhealthy bacteria that complicates things further. Instead of salmonella, you’ll want to maintain healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus. The higher the salmonella levels, the likelier you’ll develop psoriasis.

And much like any other skin condition and disease, the immune system plays an important role in also keeping them at bay.

4. Poor Gut Causes Rosacea

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Rosacea is yet another chronic skin condition that manifests itself in the form of redness. Most commonly around the nasal area, rosacea is a common mystery in the medical community. Not only are we not sure what exactly causes it, but we aren’t sure how to properly treat it.

What we can say for sure is that there has been a link between gut health and the appearance of the skin condition. Thus, we can safely assume that rosacea appears as a side effect of poor gut health.

Improve Your Skin Through Your Gut

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Everything in our body is connected to one another. Our gut affects our immune system, and a weak immune system makes way for numerous skin conditions. What you should focus on the most is making sure these conditions never become a problem.

To only way to do that is to improve your gut health. When it comes to reasons how to do just that, we have to look at the bigger picture. We have to take into account what causes these conditions. The likely answer is inflammation and irritation. The likely cause of that is unhealthy foods, beverages, and an abundance of medication use.

While the last one isn’t necessarily a problem, considering that plenty of people rely on medication, minimizing the use will certainly help. Lastly, getting a good night’s sleep is always helpful in these situations. So for the ultimate cure, a change of diet and a change of lifestyle is necessary if you want to eliminate poor gut health and skin conditions as a whole.

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