6 Things Only New Parents Can Understand

Parenting completely changes our lives. It is a period when you find a new meaning in life and practice things you did not before. When you become a parent, the world changes completely – and all the energy you possess is directed towards your baby. So it is with your personal needs that change somewhat. If you want to know exactly what we mean – read the text in front of you. Here are 6 things that only new parents can understand.

You Have Become Parents. Now What???

That day has come. You became parents. Congratulations and welcome to the more wonderful confusion of life you will experience. After the initial joy, you’ll face a panic attack and the question: What now??? Well, now you will manage somehow. Sooner or later, you will get used to it, and it will be more calming – as you will get into a routine.

The first few months are a state of emergency, which may last. You need to accept that fact. You will have so much tedious and exhausting days and night work around the baby – that you will be in danger of missing those wonderful and peaceful moments, which do exist sometimes.

These are the moments when the baby is calm and you are rested. Believe it or not, that happens too. All that fuss around children never passes, but it somehow becomes your life – so over time you will no longer be able to imagine that you could live differently.

Still, most new parents face so many challenges at first. There, we primarily think of moms – however, dads are not far behind either. Then it happens that sometimes you come across a misunderstanding of people around you, and the only ones who can understand you are those who go through the same issues as you do  – other new parents. So let’s see what are the things you’re probably facing right now.

Becoming A New Parent Means Changing Your Life

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What you don’t have time for, which will pile up and start threatening you if it settles for too long – is your partnership. Nowadays, couples have pretty much gone beyond patriarchal frameworks. You can see some very cute, touching, and funny mom videos and their adventures on sites like momcavetv.com. Some of them will make you emotional, some will make you laugh – but in any case, you will realize that you are not the only one facing the challenges that parenting brings.

Challenges That Only New Parents Can Understand

Today, they are directed at each other and share responsibility. But even in the best cases, the Dad is just a dad, and the Mom is everything. First of all, the dad’s life doesn’t change completely from the root, as Mom’s does. That is quite natural. The baby did not grow inside him and his biological role is narrowly limited. However, the lives of both parents are changing, and here’s how. These are things that only new parents can understand.

1. Male Pregnancy

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Even while your wife or a girlfriend was pregnant, you noticed some unusual changes in yourself. Do you like ice cream for breakfast and pickles for dessert? Does it seem to you that your perfectly acceptable beer belly has suddenly become quite bigger? It may sound incomprehensible to you – but you may be experiencing a “male” pregnancy.

OK, don’t panic, you won’t have to give birth to a baby. Many fathers have encountered this rather natural phenomenon – but don’t let it get out of hand. We are sure that, after sharing experiences with other dads – you will realize that most of them went through the same thing.

2. Daddy’s sleepless nights

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After the baby arrives, your sleepless nights begin, waking up at 2 o’clock – and unsuccessful attempts to get at least some sleep, because you go to work in the morning. What to say except – Welcome to the world of parenthood. However, dear dads, we do not want to discourage you. This only lasts for a few months anyway, and then you are gonna be completely cool (if you hold out).

3. Mom doesn’t love you like she did before the baby came

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Of course, we do not mean your mother, but the mother of your child. It often happens that women are occupied with the baby and all the things around it – so your partners are simply no longer interested in your moments of intimacy.

Luckily for you dear dads – this is only temporary too. Have some understanding of the fatigue your partner is facing – and in addition to all that, she is still exposed to major hormonal changes. In a few weeks, it will all return to normal. Until then – just be patient.

4. Mom’s excessive caring

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OK, you have become a mom and it is your historically rooted duty to take care of the baby. That’s fine. However, there are those mothers who exaggerate in that a- nd take sleepless nights literally. That’s not the best decision. Constantly watching over a baby even when sleeping or lying still in a cradle might be a little too much.

Keep in mind that you are breastfeeding your baby, dealing with it almost 24/7 – and exhausting yourself to the maximum. Did it happen to you that your friend called you on the phone and you simply fell asleep during the conversation? It is not surprising if you exhaust yourself to the maximum. Try to share your responsibilities for the baby with your partner – and everything will be much easier.

5. I don’t have time for friends anymore, I’m a Mom

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Nonsense! You should always find at least some time for yourself. Stop looking for excuses to cancel an already arranged meeting with friends. Research has shown that social life is very important for new parents. We don’t think you should stay up late every night – but socializing again will get you out of the monotony and give you a pleasant sense of togetherness.

6. You need help from the side but you don’t want to ask

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My Grandma, my Mom, they all have kids and didn’t ask for any help – so I shouldn’t do it either. This is something that moms face daily. But it is so wrong. You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. You will be tired of taking care of the child, possibly cooking and cleaning the house – so do not refrain from asking for help. Your partner or parents will surely be more than willing to help you out and take care of the baby on their own – so that you can go and have a coffee with a friend in peace, or just rest for a while.

The Bottom Line

We are sure that you are facing many challenges as a new parent. However, you must be aware that some people can understand you pretty well because they are going through – or have gone through the same experiences. Therefore, keep your spirits up and enjoy parenting, which is sometimes difficult – but it is also the most beautiful role in your life.

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