9 Low-Cost Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Princess Diana once said, “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” So many people from around the world would agree with her sentiment. Moms are indeed special. When celebrating Mother’s Day, you want to acknowledge the value she brings to your life by giving her something meaningful and just right.

Choosing a gift shouldn’t be a frustrating experience or one that breaks the bank. There are excellent, low-cost ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that will make her smile. Here are some tips to guide you to that perfect gift for your mom.

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1.  Choose Something Personal

You know your mom very well, and you share a close bond. Personalized Mother’s Day gifts represent a symbol of that love and connection. When a gift is personalized, it becomes extra special and shows just how much you care. You could have her initials or name engraved on a bracelet. Or, you could include family photos on a set of coffee mugs. When a gift is customized, it can be cherished forever.

2.  Present a Gift Card

This is an easy and convenient gift. You are certainly not alone if you choose to give a gift card. In fact, 46% of holiday spending will be for gift cards. You have many options, too. For example, a gift card from her favorite local store will be appreciated. She can go when she wants and purchase what she wants. Don’t forget that a gift card to an online merchant is another fun way for recipients to select what they desire any time of day or night.

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3.  Make a Floral Bouquet

It’s no secret that buying flowers from your local flower shop can be outrageously priced per stem. Shopping pros recommend heading to the neighborhood market and checking out the floral section. You can pick up tulips in all one color or choose different floral varieties in a color theme such as purple to create an elegant bouquet. You can add a ribbon or raffia to tie around the wrapping.

4.  Buy a Fun, Fab Shirt

Another wonderful category to consider is classic tees or Mother’s Day shirts. Many moms want to kick back and relax sometimes. They do enough rushing around and catering to everybody in the family.

A graphic tee with a cute slogan such as “Blessed Mama,” “Team Mommy” or “My Favorite People Call Me Mom” is a lovely gesture that gives personal meaning to a casual top and makes it fun to wear out and about. She will take great pride in putting on this fun shirt to wear to work, shopping, gardening, cooking, eating out with friends or family, etc.

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5.  Plant a Glorious Garden

A little landscaping love for mom is another thoughtful way of telling her how much you care. Planting a garden is something you could do together, or you could buy her some shrubs, bushes and other greenery and hire a pro to do the work. It depends on your budget, but even a couple of perennial plants for Mother’s Day is a great gift idea. You could also purchase garden tools and gloves that she’ll find handy as she tends to her garden during the summer.

6.  Cook up a Yummy Feast

Maybe you’d enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner with your mom this Mother’s Day. That doesn’t have to mean a reservation at a restaurant. It may be too crowded, loud and expensive, so think outside the box.

If you can cook, that’s a plus. You can make a delicious meal with the favorite foods she truly loves. You could also have the meals catered and host your mother at your home or hers. Every budget can find something yummy to prepare with a tasty dessert on the side.

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7.  Make a Homemade Gift

Are you talented in crafting? A present right from the heart and made with your hands is indeed something your mother will treasure year after year.

Can you sew, draw, knit, sculpt, make furniture or do pottery? There are many appealing craft ideas. You can personalize the gift to add a further symbolic gesture of love. Even a homemade Mother’s Day card is a sentimental item with words that express how you feel. This is a huge holiday that ranks highly with most families.

8.  Wrap Her in Warmth

Here’s another fabulous gift idea that symbolizes warmth and hugs and one that any mom would adore and want to have. Consider buying a soft and cozy item such as a beautiful Mother’s Day blanket. You can find one in a vibrant color, such as burgundy, royal blue or green. You can even personalize the blanket with a loved photo or message.

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9.  Give the Simple Gift of Time

Most moms just want your love and kindness and for you to spend quality time with them. She wants to hear from you and wants you to share with her. Moms don’t want to be forgotten. The simple gift of time is another way of honoring your mom, and it’s free.

Mom Is Worth the Ultimate Respect

Mother’s Day is recognized worldwide because these awesome, selfless parents go the extra mile. The holiday has little to do with how much money is spent. Celebrate her with a creative idea listed above, and shower her with hugs and kisses.

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