5 Benefits of Paint By Numbers for Adults and Kids

Are you a fan of board games? Do you wish to find an activity both you and your kids will enjoy, and which will have a beneficial effect on their art skills? Then choose paint by numbers. It’s super fun, regardless of the age you’re in. If you haven’t tried it yet, let’s explain what it is and how it’s done…

As we already mentioned, it’s like a board game you can play solo, or with your kids. Basically, you pick a theme, a picture, that is marked by numbers in different areas, that has to be filled with suitable colors. If you are worried about not doing it properly, don’t, because when you choose the motif, you also get an already finished piece, according to which you and your kids will know exactly how it should look like.

It’s a sort of a guideline. Each number on the piece is a different color. People who want to learn how to paint using this technique often, develop the routine of painting different things. It’s a great way to start painting, for those who always wanted to try.

Motifs are different, from famous art pieces you find in museums to some regular thematic like landscapes, and celebrities. The best of all is that you can choose and order motifs that mean something to you. For instance, your family portrait, or something else you care for, your kids will find especially interesting. You just order what you like on custompaintbynumber.

Now, before you decide to adopt it as a fun activity for both adults and kids in your family, it’s only fair to state all the benefits paint by numbers has. Read below…

1. A perfect stress-reducing activity

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We live in super busy and fast times, one can never get enough stress-reducing ideas. This one really does the trick, and it will also bring a sense of pride when you finish your masterpiece for the first time. Concentration is crucial since you need to be present and follow the guidelines (numbers) on which color to paint where.

A great way to divert your attention from the stress caused. Without any painting skills at all, you will be very successful at painting something you never thought you could. Kids will be addicted to it, and you’ll regenerate from your stressful day at work in no time.

2. Creativity boost

In a world of technological development, every parent’s most concern is will their children develop enough creative skills when they are exposed to computers and smartphones most of the time. Pain by numbers is a perfect game to make sure they express themselves and develop enough creative skills.

Many parents assume that creativity is an innate talent that their children have or do not have, but in fact, creativity is more of a skill. What we inherit is a number of possibilities, and it is up to us to provide maximum support to our children in developing their potential. First of all, the parent must be aware of the meaning of creativity itself and provide the child with maximum support.

For example, if your child enjoys drawing and artistic expression, do everything you can to encourage him or her to develop his or her creative potential. Hence, choosing games like this is a smart choice you as a parent should take. You can even use their favorite cartoons to stimulate the need to paint. We’ve mentioned in the introduction part how to custom paint by numbers can help you with the material.

3. It’s a development booster for kids

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How so? Well, when a child is drawing or painting it is in fact developing motor skills. It doesn’t just happen through running, or some other type of sports. Motor skills are all about coordination, and game like this makes them coordinate numbers and colors.

Moreover, depending on their age, they will also gain a sense of which objects carry which color, teaching them to connect colors with nature, for example. So, the game is very educational, and you can use it in many different ways, according to your child’s needs.

4. A family activity

One thing we never get enough of are ideas to spend quality time with the kids. Paint by numbers can be super educational, as we’ve already mentioned in the previous point, and fun as well, but it could also be an engaging activity for all the members of your family.

You can choose to do a huge piece, the one that has enough space for all of you, and practice family teamwork while painting by numbers. This way, when it’s done, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of what you can achieve together. Frame it, and hang it on the wall. Make it a family heritage. It will decorate your living area as well.

5. Self-esteem booster for kids

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As they grow in a supportive environment, kids develop their self-esteem. So, their self-esteem depends highly on how you act towards them. Games like paint by numbers can be a great tool to boost it. Some kids just need to feel they are good at something, and this game can make them feel skillful, but also aware that they can be good at anything they choose if they invest time in practicing. So, highlight their drawings, put them in a visible place. Let them know how proud you are of them.

There’s an additional advantage to this game and is maybe not connected to anything we wrote above. It’s for those who feel like they haven’t been able to create anything beautiful in their life. For them, painting by numbers will come as a great way to make something, a piece of art, they can hang on the wall, decorate the room with, and proudly say to everyone who is the author.

As you see, the benefits of his game are endless, and surely, you’ll be able to add a couple of more, once you’ve tried this fun activity.

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